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Grazing Muzzles

Grazing muzzles are useful to prevent animals from overeating and becoming overweight. They will also help prevent laminitis

Dinky Classic Grazing Muzzle £ 19.00 each

Our best selling Dinky Classic Grazing Muzzle. Available in 4 sizes to fit miniatures of around 30" high, right up to full sized horses of 17hh

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Dinky Grazing Muzzle Mk.3 £ 26.00 each

Our extra small and lightweight version designed for the tiniest miniature horses under 30" in height

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Spare Fur Lining for Dinky Grazing Muzzles £ 2.50 each

Spare fur noseband lining for our Dinky Grazing Muzzles 

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Likit Treat Bar £ 1.00 each

A tasty treat for ponies and donkeys

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Spillers Treats - Meadow Herb £ 4.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with herbs

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Healthy Treats - Pocket Pack £ 0.95 175g pack

Tasty treats with real apple or mint with herbs

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Equiglo Minty Treats £ 3.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with mint

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