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Our best selling Dinky Classic Grazing Muzzle. Available in 4 sizes to fit miniatures of around 30" high, right up to full sized horses of 17hh

Designed and made exclusively by us, the Dinky Classic Grazing Muzzle restricts the amount of grass eaten by the pony. This allows longer periods of turnout without the risk of laminitis. The muzzle is fully machine washable and comes complete with full instructions

Design: Carefully designed to not interfere with the nostrils, the muzzle is lightweight and comfortable for the pony.  There are two holes at the base through which the pony can nibble grass.  The holes are positioned level with the lips, one to either side of the central strap, and the size of the holes varies depending upon the size of the muzzle.  The headcollar design keeps the muzzle securely in place and the padded fur nosepiece prevents rubbing. A hook and loop ‘breakaway’ section provides additional safety should the pony get caught up

Fastenings: Fully adjustable using plastic side-release fittings for ease of use and safety

Fabric: Soft and lightweight webbing

Colour: Black

Size:  Measurement in brackets is taken around the nose just under the cheek-bones

S  (17”-19”) Miniature. Height approx: 28" - 36"    

M  (20”-22”) Small Pony/Shetland/Welsh Sec.A. Height approx. 38" - 12.2hh    

L  (23”-25”) Pony/Cob. Height approx. 13hh - 14hh    

XL  (26”-28”) Cob/Full size. Height approx. 14.2hh - 17hh

Read our 'Customer Reviews 2015-2019' under the 'Downloads' section below. Over 250 reviews left by customers on our previous website



List of the comments:
5 1 5
2020-08-25 22:38
I do agree with the previous positive comments. This muzzle, which is unavoidable for the safety of my pony, is the only one he accepts and keeps happily on. It doesn’t wear out or rub too much. It allows him to have a free and happy life outside in spite of his lack of his teeth.
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5 1 5
2020-04-27 16:41
Brilliant muzzle, bought last summer for 15.3 greedy mare who was teetering on edge of laminitis. I didn’t think she would keep it in, but she was not bothered by it and didn’t try to remove it. It worked extremely well. Will buy again.
5 1 5
2020-04-25 19:06
Purchased for 28 y/o pony with EMS / recurrent laminitis, on farm unable to provide restricted grazing. Severe advanced COPD meant vet wanted her out 24/7!! Very little rubbing, and she was unable to get it off. Fantastic product and complete game changer for our management of this pony.
5 1 5
2019-08-06 21:59
This product is amazing. I have struggled for years to keep a muzzle on my stubborn Welsh D x. A shires muzzle a day, reinforced with fishing wire and still managed to distroy it and make a mess of her face. She's been wearing her muzzle for over 2 months now, very slightly rubbed when wearing in but nothing since and she is doing well. She's insulin resistant, it's her first year off metform and the dinky muzzle is making our life a lot easier. It's wearing a little at the bottom so will probably need a new one for next year but definitely worth every penny. She's wearing it all day everyday (in at night with soaked hay) so really can't complain at that.
5 1 5
2019-06-05 20:24
This muzzle, size XL, worked brilliantly for my 15hd2" Appaloosa. The muzzle has lots of adjustment so would certainly fit a bigger horse.
It was soft enough that he can wear it for long periods. It allows him to get some grass, particularly longer grass, but reduces what he does eat, so allowing him to graze with his friends. Highly recommended. Much more horse friendly than the Shires Grazing Muzzle.
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5 1 3
2019-05-09 12:03
My horse has PPID and has been wearing a Dinky grazing muzzle for a few years now. They don't rub him, unlike all the other ones I tried and they last for a year or two. He is happy to wear it and doesn't try to remove it, which helps! It's an essential bit of kit - please keep making them! Highly recommended
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5 1 5
2019-05-07 09:17
Dinky Ponies Grazing muzzle are a must for us. We have been using one for the last 3 summers and they have really helped our greedy shetland, Fernie who is prone to laminitis. it takes her a long time to wear through the end, unlike the ones with a rubber end piece which she quickly rubs along the ground and wears out. And she doesnt wriggle out of this one. 5 stars from me.
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5 1 5
2019-05-02 15:26
I agree with the comments made, having wasted lots of money buying muzzles which my little pony manages to get off and trample on, I bought the small size Dinky muzzle which he still didn't like so I bought the medium sized one which he is ok with although I have to put a head collar over it to keep it on. He can eat fairly well with this size but now he is used to the feel of the muzzle, when I don't want him to have much at all I put the small one back on! I'll be happy if I get a season out of them and them I'll order some more for next year!
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5 1 4
2019-04-30 21:57
Only grazing muzzle I have come across which fits the head of our little Shetland really well. The soft sheepskin band which is placed on the inside of the muzzle makes this very comfortable for the pony. Ours never minds when the muzzle is put on her. In fact she knows that this means “grazing time”! The only downside with this muzzle is that it does not take long before the edge of the webbing gets chewed by the pony - thereby necessitating the purchase of a new muzzle after only 3 to 4 months usage.
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5 1 5
2019-04-30 15:54
I have a miniature shetland prone to laminitis. After wasting a lot of money and trying a lot of muzzles which Mr. Shetland kindly demolished in no time, I found these wonderful Dinky Grazing Muzzles. I have used them for many years now and generally speaking two of them will last me one grass season. The pony finds them comfortable so hence does not demolish them. I don't hesitate in recommending these muzzles.
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