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Fillet Strap £ 3.50 each

Clips onto any rug with dees at the back

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Shedding Blade £ 4.00 each

Ideal for removing loose winter coat

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Healthy Treats - Apple & Herb £ 0.95 175g pack

Tasty treats with real apple and herbs

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Spillers Treats - Meadow Herb £ 4.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with herbs

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Tendon Boots - Fleece Lined £ 16.00 pair

Superb protection for fine small pony legs

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Dinky Everyday Headcollar £ 8.50 each

Available in 4 sizes and 10 colours

Perfect for everyday use

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Dinky Comfort Headcollar £ 12.50 each

Luxury headcollar with deep pile fleece padding. Ideal for travelling or everyday use

Small Pony/Standard Donkey size only

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Dinky Standard Leather Headcollar £ 16.00 each

Lightweight adjustable headcollar suitable for everyday use, including turnout, but smart enough to be kept for best

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Dinky Select Leather Headcollar £ 20.00 each

Slightly more substantial than our 'Standard' headcollar

Cut from select soft and supple oiled hide for strength and comfort

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Dinky Premium Leather Headcollar £ 26.00 each

Best quality stitched and lined leather adjustable headcollar

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