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Dinky Mini Foal Winter Stable Rug £ 28.00 each

This 250gm rug is designed for newborn miniature foals through their first winter

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Dinky Over-Reach Boots £ 15.00 pair

Lightweight boots to protect against over-reach injuries

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Mini School £ 14.95 each

All about training your miniature

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The Big Book Of Miniature Horses £ 22.95 each

Full advice on care, handling, breeding, showing and training your miniature

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Junior Stirrup Leathers £ 24.00 pair

Lots of adjustment for growing children, and small adults

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Tendon Boots - Neoprene Lined £ 14.00 pair

Superb protection for small pony legs

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Dinky Cotton Web Training Rein £ 4.50 each

For lungeing, long reining or training in-hand

Available in 2m, 4m, 6m or 8m lengths

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Dinky Foal Training Lead £ 6.00 each

This useful lead will assist in training the foal to lead and move forward correctly

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The Handy Book Of Horse Tricks £ 12.95 each

An excellent guide to training your horse or pony to do tricks and liberty work

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The Book of Miniature Horses £ 9.95 each

A guide to selecting, caring for and training your miniature

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Tail Bandage £ 3.50 each

Protect the tail during travelling or in the stable

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My Special Pony Record Book £ 9.95 each

Keep a record of all the special things your pony does

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Rolled Leather Saddle Handle £ 8.00 each

Added security for a young or nervous rider

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Elastic Roller - For Rugs £ 12.00 each

Fully adjustable design with soft pads to avoid any pressure on the spine

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Girth Sleeve - Acrilan Fur £ 5.00 each

Covers the girth to prevent rubbing and sores

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Fillet String £ 0.50 each

Ties to the dees or loops at the rear of the rug

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Saddle Crupper Tee £ 6.00 each

Fits into the saddle gullet to enable a crupper to be used 

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Fillet Strap £ 4.00 each

Clips onto any rug with dees at the back

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Equiglo Minty Treats £ 3.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with mint

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