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We're busy sorting out lots more products for our Clearance Sale. These items will 'go live' shortly so please come back soon! 

The items listed on this page may be seconds, items used for photo shoots, or discontinued lines. The reason it's in our Clearance Sale is listed under each product.

SALE Dinky Classic Anti-Midge Sheet £ 30.00 TO CLEAR

Sizes: 4'0", 4'3", 4'9" and 5'0"

Usual Price: £48.00

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SALE Dinky Training Roller £ 15.00 TO CLEAR

Size: Small or Large

Usual Price: £26.00

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Dinky Classic Smart 250g Outdoor Rug £ 37.50 TO CLEAR

Usual Price: £54.00

Sizes: 2'9" - 3'6"

600dn Outer, 250gm filling, nylon lining


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SALE Dinky Classic Smart Summer Outdoor Rug - Grey £ 20.83 TO CLEAR

Sizes: 2'9" and 3'0"

Usual Price: £45.00

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SALE Dinky Classic Combo Outdoor Rug - Heavyweight £ 50.00 TO CLEAR

Size: 4'0"

Usual Price: £78.00

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SALE Hanging Cheek Snaffle £ 8.33 SALE PRICE

Size: 5"

RRP £18.50

1 item in stock
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Dinky Classic Cheeky Checks Lightweight Outdoor Rug £ 40.00 TO CLEAR

Size: 4'9" only

600dn Outer, no fill, nylon lining

Discontinued - when they're gone they're gone!

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