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Dinky Deluxe Grooming Kit DXDELGRK_148

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£ 22.00 each


Our 11 piece deluxe grooming kit features top quality brushes and combs for a top class groom

5 colours to choose from


Dandy brush - stiff bristles are good for removing mud and dirt without stripping natural oils

Body brush - soft bristles provide a deep clean on clipped or summer coats, and for use around sensitive areas 

Plastic curry comb - good for removing mud and loose hair from the coat, and tangles from the mane and tail

Sponge brush - ideal for washing off a sweaty horse and for removing stable stains

Sweat scraper - removes water from the coat after bathing or washing down

Mane comb - removes tangles from manes and tails

Tail brush - effective brush for detangling thick bushy tails

Sponge - many uses

Cotton cloth - for the final polish and for applying coat shine products

Hoof oil brush with lid - for applying hoof oil. Lid prevents the used brush from contaminating your grooming kit

Hoof pick/brush - removes stones and dirt from the hooves  

      All neatly contained in a black cotton bag with draw string closure

Colours: Blue/Red, Blue/Black, Black/Grey, Purple/Lilac or Pink/Purple

Size: Standard sized brushes

NOTE: contents may vary slightly from those shown in our photos



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