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Stable Equipment

Mini Fine Mesh Haynet £ 6.00 each

Prevents the hay from being eaten too quickly

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Fine Mesh Haynet £ 7.00 each

Prevents the hay from being eaten too quickly

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Greedy Feeder Haynet £ 12.00 each

With very small holes to greatly restrict feeding

Now available in SMALL size too

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Mini Feed Scoop £ 1.50 each

Ideal for measuring feed for small ponies & miniatures

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Hole Punch £ 7.00 each

For punching holes in leather and webbing straps

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H2GO Bag £ 12.00 each

A useful product for transporting water

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Measuring Tape £ 4.00 each

Measures your ponys’ height and weight

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Steel Measuring Tape £ 4.50 each

Measures your ponys' height

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Dinky Rug Storage Bag £ 3.50 each

Keep your Dinky Rugs clean and tidy when not in use

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Hook & Loop (velcro) Cleaner £ 3.00 each

For cleaning 'velcro' hook and loop tape

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Tubtrug Mini Feed Bowl £ 4.00 each

Ideal small feed bowl for miniatures and small ponies

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Likit Treat Bar £ 1.20 each

A tasty treat for ponies and donkeys

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Dinky Leg Pads £ 9.50 pair

For use in the stable or while travelling

To keep the legs clean, warm and protected

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Spillers Treats - Meadow Herb £ 4.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with herbs

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Healthy Treats - Pocket Pack £ 0.95 175g pack

Tasty treats with real apple or mint with herbs

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Equiglo Minty Treats £ 3.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with mint

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Spillers Treats - Apple £ 4.00 1kg bag

A huge bag of tasty treats with apple

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Coronavirus / COVID-19

These are uncertain times but we would like to reassure customers that we’re currently open for business as usual.

Recent guidance from the Royal Mail and Public Health England is that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus so as a mail order company we are continuing as usual for the time being.  We are a small family business and live on-site so can operate without travelling. 

Our couriers and the Royal Mail are currently providing a fairly normal service delivering parcels and whilst this continues to be the case we will continue to process orders.  Staff shortages may result in delays dispatching orders, and our Sales Office telephone may not be manned at certain times, but please bear with us and leave a message where appropriate. 

Some of our Dinky Rugs products, custom made products in particular, are unavailable at present while our manufacturing capacity is lower than normal.  Those products affected will have this information stated in the product description.


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