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Show & Travel Rugs

For a truly unique show rug we can make a Dinky Custom Fleece Rug or a Dinky Custom Summer Sheet to order in the colours of your choice.  If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for us to make up a custom rug we also offer, from stock for immediate delivery, our popular Dinky Classic Polar Fleece Rug and the Dinky Classic Summer Sheet, both available in a smart and practical navy blue.  Matching Dinky Classic Travel Boots are also available from stock

'Extra Coloured Trim' can be added to the Classic rugs to give a little more colour and individuality

For full details on measuring for rugs please view our 'MEASURING' page above


Dinky Classic Polar Fleece Rug £ 28.00 each

A smart and practical stable/travel/cooler rug

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Dinky Classic Summer Sheet £ 25.00 each

A smart and lightweight stable/travel/show rug

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Dinky Classic Deluxe Summer Sheet £ 32.00 each

Designed for show ponies to help keep the coat in tip-top condition

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Dinky Classic Traditional Checked Sheet £ 28.00 each

This attractive heavyweight sheet is ideal as a travel rug or light stable rug 

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Dinky Classic Honeycomb Cooler £ 30.00 each

A useful multi-purpose rug

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Dinky Classic Cotton Show Sheet £ 38.00 each

Designed for use in the stable to keep your pony clean before a show

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Dinky Classic Waterproof Show Sheet £ 34.00 each

Essential show equipment for the unpredictable English weather

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