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Dinky Rugs Gift Vouchers £ 5.00 each

The perfect gift for owners of small ponies!

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Dinky Personalised Leather Browband £ 16.00 each

Best 5/8" English leather personalised with your pony's or donkey's name

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Dinky Rug Storage Bag £ 3.50 each

Keep your Dinky Rugs clean and tidy when not in use

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Dinky Basic Grooming Kit £ 9.50 each

A great value 6 piece grooming kit containing all the brushes needed for everyday use

5 colours to choose from

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Dinky Deluxe Grooming Kit £ 22.00 each

Our 11 piece deluxe grooming kit features top quality brushes and combs for a top class groom

5 colours to choose from

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Grooming Kit for Kids £ 11.00 each

Great value grooming kit for Kids

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Dinky Hairy Pony Grooming Kit £ 16.00 each

Our 8 piece grooming kit made up of brushes and equipment specifically chosen to be suitable for un-clipped native breeds and donkeys

All you need to keep your 'hairy beastie' clean and tidy throughout the year

4 colours to choose from

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Dinky Show Grooming Kit £ 17.00 each

Our 10 piece kit contains all you'll need on show day and for preparation before the show

4 colours to choose from

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Dinky Pony Wash Kit £ 9.00 each

Our 5 piece wash kit contains all you'll need to bath your pony

Blue or purple

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Starter Grooming Kit £ 11.50 each

Contains all the essential items

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Wacky World Of Horses Calendar 2020 £ 4.00 each

Was £5.95  Now £4.00

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