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Dinky Foal Training Lead DEFOTRLE-BR

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This useful lead will assist in training the foal to lead and move forward correctly

This soft but chunky, easy to handle lead will assist with training a foal to lead and move forward correctly

Design: A length of thick but soft cushion webbing supplied with separate clip which can be easily attached to make a useful lead rein once the simple lead is no longer required (see photos)

Fittings: Supplied with separate swivel trigger hook

Fabric: 3/4" (20mm) thick acrylic cushion webbing

Colour: Brown

Size: 3 metres - an ideal length to enable one end to thread through the headcollar ring and the rest of the lead to be looped around the hindquarters to encourage the foal to move forwards. Threading the lead throough the headcollar will ensure that should the foal get loose the lead will not trail behind the foal causing a hazzard. The clip can be looped onto the lead and clipped to the headcollar ring if preferred



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