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Leg Straps Added To Rug DALEGSTR-

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£ 8.00 pair

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Sewn to your Dinky Rug at time of purchase

Sewn to your Dinky Rug

If no rug is ordered the leg straps will be supplied loose

Design: Fully adjustable

Fittings: To match rug

Fabric: Soft webbing

Colours: As supplied (will usually match rug binding and straps)

Size: Mini (2'9" - 3'9" rugs) or Small Pony (4'0" - 5'6" rugs)

If ordering more than one rug, please tell us which rug the Leg Straps are for in the ‘Comments’ box at the bottom of the Order Form

PLEASE NOTE: Once leg-straps have been attached the rug will not be returnable



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