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Dinky Synthetic Saddle Pad DSMISALE-

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Leather look saddle pad designed specifically for miniatures, small ponies and donkeys

Carefully designed and made exclusively by us, this smart saddle pad is treeless and will therefore fit all miniatures, small ponies and donkeys.  Unlike traditional felt pads this synthetic pad is shaped along the back seam to avoid pressure on the withers.  For strength and safety the one-piece girth webbing is built into the pad and goes all the way over the top of the pad from one side to the other   

Stirrups, stirrup straps and single strap girth are not included

Design: Shaped pad with dees for stirrups and crupper. Neoprene padding provides comfort for the pony and rider. Rider weight limit: 25kgs/4 stone. 

Fabric: Synthetic leather look vinyl seat and flaps, wipe clean pvc waffle lining

Colour: Black or Brown

Size: 12" (Miniature up to 34"), 14" (34" - 10hh), 16" (10hh - 12.2hh)

FITTING TIP: Our silver dun miniature shetland model is 32" high and is wearing a 12" Dinky Synthetic Saddle Pad with 12" girth. The jockey is 5 years old.

To find out which size girth you will need please measure the animals girth circumference (all the way around his body just behind the wither) then refer to the chart below:



28" - 30" (miniature) 12" 41" - 51" 8"
30" - 34" (miniature) 12" 45" - 55" 12"
34" - 36" (mini pony) 12" 49" - 59" 16"
34" - 36" (mini pony) 14" 47" - 57" 8"

36" - 10.2hh (or small donkey)

14" 51" - 61" 12"
38" - 10.2hh (standard shetland) 14" 55" - 65" 16"
10.0hh - 10.2hh (large shetland) 14" 59" - 69" 20"
10.0hh - 10.2hh (large shetland) 14" 63" - 73" 24"
10.2hh - 11.0hh (or donkey) 16" 53" - 63" 12"
11.0hh - 12.0hh 16" 57" - 67" 16"
11.2hh - 12.2hh 16" 61" - 71" 20"
12.0hh - 13.0hh 16" 65" - 75" 24"

PLEASE NOTE: This pad has a single girth strap on each side and requires the Dinky Padded Single Strap Girth (DSSISTGI) to complete it



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2020-08-03 12:35
Thank you ! Great item, my son finds it very comfortable.
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