Measuring for Bridles

Measuring for Bridles

Measuring for Bridles


To find out the size of Dinky bridle or headcollar needed we use 3 measurements; the A, B and C measurements:

 A) From the bottom of the prominent cheekbone, over the top of the head (behind the ears) to the bottom of the other prominent cheekbone

B) Around the nose, just under the prominent cheekbones

C) Around the muzzle, just above the corner of the lips

If you can supply us with these 3 measurements we can usually tell you which items will fit your pony or donkey



The table below indicates approximate head sizes but should be used as a guide only


22" - 30" 2'9" - 3'0" XS (Small Mini)
30" - 37" 3'3" - 4'0" S (Miniature)
38" - 12.2hh  4'3" - 5'0" M (Small Pony)


Please note; These measurements only apply to Dinky Rugs products and will not be the same as those used by other manufacturers