10 Grazing Muzzle

10 Grazing Muzzle

Designed and made exclusively by us, Dinky Grazing Muzzles restrict the amount of grass eaten by the pony

The muzzles are lightweight and comfortable for the pony and allow longer periods of turnout without the risk of laminitis

All Dinky Grazing Muzzles are fully machine washable and come complete with full instructions

10 Grazing Muzzle

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Product no.: DMCLGRAZ

Our best selling Dinky Classic Grazing Muzzle. Available in 4 sizes to fit miniatures of around 30" high, right up to full sized horses of 17hh

from £19.00 *

Our extra small and lightweight version designed for the tiniest miniature horses under 30" in height

£26.00 *
Product no.: DMGRMUFL

Spare fur noseband lining for our Dinky Grazing Muzzles 

£2.00 *
Product no.: DXLIKBAR

A tasty treat for ponies and donkeys

£1.00 *
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