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Dinky Poultice Boot DPPOUBOO-

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At last! A poultice boot for tiny hooves that stays on!

At last! A poultice boot for tiny hooves that stays on!

Design: Designed to allow the pony or donkey to be turned out while recovering from foot injuries and infections. These boots are also popular for use on laminitic ponies to provide extra protection for the soles of the hooves

Fastenings: Single webbing strap around the pastern for simple but secure fitting

Fabric: Leather and waterproof nylon upper, with a thick chrome leather hand-stitched sole

Size: 2.5"/62mm, 3"/75mm, 3.5"/90mm, 4"/100mm

Colour: As supplied

Available in pony or donkey shape

This item is made to order. Delivery is normally 2 - 4 weeks depending on our workload at the time of ordering

Note: The sole of the boot is very hardwearing but will last longer if the wearer walks only on soft ground. This boot is not completely waterproof so if it is important to keep the hoof clean and dry we recommend that a piece of thick plastic is taped around the hoof before the boot is fitted



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