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Laminitis Explained DKLAMEXP

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Complete advice on the prevention and management of laminitis

David W Ramey DVM

Complete advice on the prevention of laminitis and the care of animals suffering from this common problem. Laminitis is a painful and potentially devastating disease which originates in horses' feet. While many horses and ponies recover from an episode of Laminitis uneventfully, it can end a horse's career, or even it's life, and is a worry to owners, farriers and vets alike. This valuable guide sheds light on this most unpredictable and traditionally misunderstood disease, offering information in an accessible manner. it presents an insider's view of what goes on in the feet of the horse with Laminitis, and completely explains the latest thinking on prevention, causes, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and long-term maintenance.

Cover: Paperback

Size: 230 x 155mm, 112 pages

Illustrations: Black & white drawings



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