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Driving A Harness Horse DKDRHAHO

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A comprehensive guide to help the novice learn the art of driving

Sally Walrond

Produced as a stable-mate to the author's hugely successful Breaking a Horse to Harness, this invaluable book uses the same step-by-step format to help the novice whip learn the art of driving. From selecting a suitable vehicle harness, to harnessing up and the finer points of driving technique, all aspects of driving a single horse or pony or in a pair or tandem are covered. Sallie Walrond's concise, easy-to-follow text is complemented by numerous photographs specially taken for the book by talented equestrian photographer Anthony Reynolds and delightful line drawings by the later Anne Grahame Johnstone. Driving is one branch of equestrianism where the ability to ride is not a necessity, therefore many non-riders can also enjoy driving as a pleasurable pastime or a competitive sport. Driving a Harness Horse leads the way.

Cover: Hardback

Size: 246 x 189mm, 192 pages

Illustrations: Colour



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