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Training Aids

Dinky Training Halter £ 10.00 each

Ideal for training young or unruly ponies

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Dinky Donkey Training Halter £ 13.00 each

Designed to give you more control when leading your donkey

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Dinky Cushion Lead Rein with Chain £ 14.00 each

Ideal for training, or to help control strong ponies

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Dinky Coupling Lead Rein £ 7.50 each

Soft cushion web lead rein for leading the pony from the bit rings

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Dinky Cotton Web Training Rein £ 4.50 each

For lungeing, long reining or training in-hand

Available in 2m, 4m, 6m or 8m lengths

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Dinky Foal Training Lead £ 6.00 each

This useful lead will assist in training the foal to lead and move forward correctly

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Nylon Loose Ring Bit (stainless steel rings) £ 10.00 each

A mild bit ideal as a first bit for youngsters

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Rubber Covered Loose Ring Bit £ 8.00 each

A soft and mild bit with brass rings. Ideal as a first bit for youngsters and for sensitive mouths

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Jointed Small Loose Ring Snaffle £ 12.00 each

Stainless steel

With extra small 1” rings and a fine 8mm mouthpiece

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Mini Jointed Short Cheek Snaffle £ 22.00 each

Stainless steel

Helps with turning the pony, and prevents the bit rings from being pulled into the mouth

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Mini Full Cheek Jointed Snaffle £ 18.00 each

Stainless Steel

For the smallest miniatures - 3 1/2" only

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Healthy Treats - Pocket Pack £ 0.95 175g pack

Tasty treats with real apple or mint with herbs

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