Dinky Grazing Muzzle Mk.3

Dinky Grazing Muzzle Mk.3

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Very good (10/08/2016)
I have a falabella. That looked like a thelwell pony . I didn't won't to restrict her as she is company for my old girl and I like them to have a as natural life with being able to roam around. I had looked and tried a few muzzles,and the rubber nose ones with just a small hole at the bottom made her nose very wet and sore. The dinky Muzzel is made from a very tough nylon with little slits for them to eat through. Plenty of air to there nose easy for them to drink. like with anything new, it took a little time for her to get the hang of it .and she did get a little rub sore under her chin to start with. I am very pleased with the dinky .
well made, not to bulky. (21/09/2015)
Finally a muzzle to fit my miniature shetland!
It's well made, light and not at all bulky. Fits very nicely. Has not rubbed at all.
Although a little pricier than a normal muzzle is the only downside, considering less material etc is used.

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