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Product no.: DCAT1617

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Product no.: DXEQUGLO
£3.00 / pack(s) *

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Product no.: DXLIKBAR

A tasty treat for ponies and donkeys

£1.00 *
Product no.: DBRCLRBR

A soft and mild bit. Ideal as a first bit for youngsters and for sensitive mouths

£8.00 *
Product no.: DSDURSTI

Lightweight but strong stirrups with treads

£10.00 / pair(s) *

In stock

Product no.: DSCONPAD

Provides supreme comfort and cushioning for the pony or donkey

£8.00 *
Product no.: DLDSNBRP

Best quality English leather. Complete with reins. Bit not included

£54.00 *
Product no.: DLDBRPAD

Best quality imported leather (bit and reins not included)

£34.00 *
Product no.: DMGRMUFL

Spare fur noseband lining for our Dinky Grazing Muzzles 

£2.00 *
Product no.: DLBROWVE

English leather browband covered with velvet, satin and metallic ribbon

£18.00 *
Product no.: DMTTCULR

Ideal for leading and tying up

Makes a great dog lead too!

£6.50 *
Product no.: DSEKPOSC

Quilted cotton with foam padding. Suits 14" - 16" saddles 

£16.50 *
Product no.: DSMIFEPA

Traditional felt saddle pad designed especially for miniatures and very small ponies

£49.00 *
Product no.: DXEKFEPA

Traditional felt saddle pad for small ponies and donkeys

Product no.: DSSUSAPA

Real suede leather saddle pad designed especially for miniatures, small ponies and donkeys

Product no.: DSSYDOSA

Lightweight synthetic saddle for donkeys

£50.00 *

In stock

Product no.: DSMISALE

Leather look saddle pad designed specifically for miniatures, small ponies and donkeys

£56.00 *
Product no.: DSBASAPA

Soft and comfy pad for all miniatures, small ponies and donkeys

£40.00 *
Product no.: DLSHCOWR

Best Imported Leather

£15.00 *
Product no.: DLSHPLRE

Best Imported Leather

£15.00 *
Product no.: DLSHRUBR

Best Imported Leather with soft and supple rubber section

£17.00 *
Product no.: DLSHSTLE

Best imported leather

£16.00 / pair(s) *
Product no.: DSSISTGI

Luxury girth for use with our Dinky Saddle Pads

(also popular as a driving harness or roller girth)

£15.00 *
Product no.: DAEKSURC

A useful product for securing rugs, exercise sheets, hoods and tail guards etc.

£7.50 *
Product no.: DXDRSTBA

Keep your Dinky Rugs clean and tidy when not in use

Usual price £5.00
£3.50 *
You save 30 %

In stock

Product no.: DAROLPAD

Provides extra padding under rollers, surcingles and driving saddle pads

£10.00 *

In stock

Product no.: DBLRBRMM

A mild bit ideal for in-hand showing. Will match the brass fittings on a show bridle

£18.00 *
Product no.: DBEGSNMM

Stainless steel

A mild bit for small ponies

£23.00 *
Product no.: DBEGTRBI

Stainless steel

Eliminates the nutcracker action associated with single jointed bits

£22.00 *
Product no.: DSGPCUGI

Soft cushion webbing GP girth for use with saddles with short girth straps

£16.00 *
Product no.: DXWASKIT

Our 5 piece wash kit contains all you'll need to bath your pony

Blue or purple

Usual price £11.00
£9.00 *
You save 18 %
Product no.: DXHAPOGK

Our 8 piece grooming kit made up of brushes and equipment specifically chosen to be suitable for un-clipped native breeds and donkeys

All you need to keep your 'hairy beastie' clean and tidy throughout the year

3 colours to choose from

Usual price £19.50
£16.00 *
You save 18 %
Product no.: DXBAGRKI

A great value 6 piece grooming kit containing all the brushes needed for everyday use

5 colours to choose from

Usual price £10.00
£7.50 *
You save 25 %
Product no.: DXDELGRK

Our 11 piece deluxe grooming kit features top quality brushes and combs for a top class groom

4 colours to choose from

Usual price £26.00
£22.00 *
You save 15 %
Product no.: DXSHGRKI

Our 10 piece kit contains all you'll need on show day and for preparation before the show

4 colours to choose from

Usual price £20.00
£17.00 *
You save 15 %
Product no.: DXTUBMIN

Ideal small feed bowl for miniatures and small ponies

£4.00 *
Product no.: DXSTRURE

Complete kit for repairing your horse rugs

£14.00 *

In stock

Product no.: DMEAFFEA

Lightweight and simple to fit and remove

£17.00 *
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