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Product no.: DSPOSTCL

Clips to the front dee rings on the saddle to provide extra security for the rider

£6.00 *
Product no.: DBEKJTCH

Stainless steel

Helps with turning the pony, and prevents the bit rings from being pulled into the mouth

£20.00 *
Product no.: DBEKDOJT

Stainless steel

A mild bit with double joint

£22.00 *
Product no.: DSSADRIN

Fit easily to cub saddles with no front dees to enable grass reins or a daisy rein to be fitted

£4.00 / pair(s) *

In stock

New (Colour: Red/White/Blue)

A useful product for securing rugs, exercise sheets, hoods and tail guards etc.

£7.50 *

In stock

High visibility reflective neck strap for road safety

£8.00 *
Product no.: DXEQUGLO

Tasty treats for all miniatures, ponies and donkeys

£3.00 / pack(s) *

In stock

Product no.: DXLIKBAR

A tasty treat for ponies and donkeys

£1.00 *
Product no.: DBRCLRBR

A soft and mild bit. Ideal as a first bit for youngsters and for sensitive mouths

£8.00 *
Product no.: DSDURSTI

Lightweight but strong stirrups with treads

£10.00 / pair(s) *

In stock

Product no.: DSSUSAPA

Real suede leather saddle pad designed specifically for miniatures, small ponies and donkeys

from £90.00 *
Product no.: DSMISALE

Leather look saddle pad designed specifically for miniatures, small ponies and donkeys

from £56.00 *
Product no.: DSSISTGI

Luxury girth for use with our Dinky Saddle Pads

(also popular as a driving harness or roller girth)

£15.00 *
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